Get Work Done 5x Faster With A.I. & RPA in Logistics

Say hello to SLA’s new staff, Glenn. His job is simple – Send tax invoices to existing members for the membership renewal 2021. He does not need to eat, drink, or take toilet-breaks, and can complete tasks independently at three times the speed of his colleagues. 

This new staff is a “robot” powered by robotic process automation (RPA) software with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Glee Trees, a local software startup, sponsored a license of its proprietary software Gleematic to SLA and volunteered its team’s time with the script to automate the steps that Glenn needs to do. A ‘script’ is a set of instructions for the software-robot to follow, so that it can complete process on a computer. The robot mimics a human’s action to access SLA’s Membership Management System (MMS) to find the member’s profile, download the member’s tax invoice for membership renewal, attach it in an email, type out customized message in Microsoft Outlook, and send out emails to respective recipients without needing human’s intervention.

Previously, the renewal notices were sent via the MMS but members feedback that these emails were either not received or sent to their spam mails due to conveyance from a third-party email software. Through direct emails, more members are now able to receive such emails without any hassle which saves the effort of the team to resend the emails manually.

As Gleematic is a no-coding software, it is easy for end-users to use. Gleematic is also flexible and it can work with any type of files or documents. The use of software to automate manual and repetitive operational tasks and processes, such as data extraction and data entry, is one technology that organisations are increasingly embracing. Software robots can also help in various aspects of work in logistics companies such as order-processing, regulatory declarations, documentation/ document processing, compliance checking, monitoring, reporting, etc. 

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