MATCHBOX Exchange Launches its simple web app in Singapore

Optimising landside efficiency through digital innovation, MATCHBOX Exchange is Advancing the World of Container Logistics. 

 The ‘Open-Market’ platform for the Re-Use and Exchange of empty Shipping Containers with a 24/7 INSTANT APPROVAL feature matches transport parties who have empty containers with those who need them on the landside.

 The efficient digital problem solver provides a number of solutions that includes reducing your transport costs by elimination the need to return and/or collect empty containers from depots.  A far more improved delivery program avoiding the need to queue at Empty Container Parks that in turn impacts your packing program.

 Originating from Australia three years ago, MATCHBOX Exchange has partnered with over 13 of the world’s leading shipping lines to help over 500 Truckers, Freight Forwarders and BCO’s improve their landside operations.  Over 100,000 truck trips have been facilitated via the MB platform helping industry deliver well over 200,000 plus tons of carbon emissions savings.

 The MATCHBOX Exchange (MB) platform delivers BETTER – FASTER – SMARTER Landside Logistics.  Maximising transport savings by enabling the registered user to Re-Use AND Exchange in one place, it reduces administration with all requests and support on one platform.  With improved efficiencies and service users get prompt support from MB.

 No more unreliable service times, no more late fees, no more dependency on Empty Container Parks (ECP) and the wharf, and no more wasted transport legs.

 The platform assists users in cutting costs by reducing admin and travel costs, alleviating the stress of penalty fees and associated costs with delays at the ECP, and eliminates handling and storage costs at the ECP.

 The efficient and financial savings improves users bottom line to achieve more with less.  Improves stock turnover, improves truck efficiency and productivity, and gains a significant increase in triangulations.

 Transport parties are able to make more deliveries with the same amount of resources.  Jobs are done sooner, they can go home earlier, and there is less stress.  More options are at their disposal to meet deadlines when time is sensitive – simply a hedge against unforeseen challenges.   By achieving more reliable delivery times for customers and less fees for waiting times, transport parties build stronger relationships with their customers in maintaining and forging company reliance.

 The commercial model MB has adopted is a simple one.  It’s free to register and join the MATCHBOX Exchange Network. A small fee is charged for each re-use or exchange booking placed and facilitated via the platform.

 Thanks to MB’s integration with their Shipping Line partners, users of the platform benefit from instant approval 24/7 and the ability to book with multiple shipping lines in the one place.

 Following its success in Australia and New Zealand, MATCHBOX Exchange is now ready to make a positive impact on the world of container logistics after launching in Singapore on 15 January 2020. 

 If efficiency, reliability and savings are important to your business and customer relationship, MB is a solution you should explore further.  To learn more about the MATCHBOX Exchange service please contact Head of Customer Engagement for SEA - Naz Miljanic on +65 83589976 or [email protected]

 MATCHBOX Exchange Pte Ltd office is conveniently located at Centennial Towers, level 18, 3 Temasek Ave, Singapore 039190

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