No more road to hell for dangerous goods

SLA works in partnership with Honan and Chubb to deliver quality insurance cover that can assist any transportation business from point-to-point, ensuring clarity, security and safety along the way. 

Transporting and delivering dangerous goods is a precision task, and one that has many exacting steps to complete. Any issue that arises during the movement of this type of goods can have a long-term impact more serious than simply losing a client. For this reason, it’s important to choose an experienced dangerous goods transport expert, and in turn, for that transport specialist to have individual and comprehensive insurance. 

Sufyan Ahmed’s business is exactly that – a dedicated company, carrying out diligent work with a bespoke, specialist insurance policy to cover any problems. Fortunately, Sufyan never needed to call Honan or Chubb for support until very recently when a shipment went terribly awry. An import consignment of 20 drums of dangerous liquid chemicals arrived as scheduled into Singapore and into the hands of Mr Ahmed in January of this year. After careful and uneventful unloading, the drums were then moved by road from the port to the warehouse, and it was during this movement that the accident occurred. A serious leak of chemicals onto the roads of Singapore caused a myriad of problems, and not least for Sufyan, who was ultimately held responsible, despite the accident not being the fault of any of his drivers.

Sufyan was billed for the costs of road cleaning, as well as the general clean-up of a large area, which was contaminated beyond anything that could be easily (or cheaply) dealt with. Alongside that, he was charged a considerable amount for the loss of the chemicals themselves.

The claim was dealt with quickly and efficiently by Honan and Chubb, with dedicated staff available to help process payment and paperwork. With the choice to take on the policy (and in this case, at the level of Platinum Cover), the cost of the clean-up was covered by the Multimodal Freight Liability Insurance under the Third-Party Liability Extension and the contents of the drums by the Cargo Liability policy. Dangerous Cargo claims are only covered when compliant with all regulations issued by an authority, and of course, as a specialist in this kind of cargo, Sufyan was well-prepared and fully covered.

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