Supply Chain Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic

In collaboration with SLA, SingEx organized a webinar themed “Supply Chain Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic” on 18 June 2020. The 2-Part web engagement took a closer look at the challenges faced by the logistics industry in the region and in Singapore, key issues encountered and steps taken to address challenges, lessons learnt & specific measures for how supply chains can become more resilient, and how logistics companies that have deployed Industry 4.0 approaches/solutions fared. 

Moderated by Mr Gerry Tan - SLA Honorary Secretary, the CEOs of 3 member companies – Mr Ken Ngan of CK Shipping, Mr Eugene Heng of Masindo Logistics and Mr Koh San Joo of iHUB Solutions shared their candid perspectives as panellists. Close to 290 participants attended the session.

The key takeaways from the session include:

  • The world is not going to be the same anymore. With the global pandemic, it has taught us the importance of going digital and there is no better time to look at our entire business process and value proposition than now.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are key in distinguishing successful organisations. It’s no longer just about mastering the ability to change, but the need to have a robust business model to handle ongoing changes.
  • Digitalisation is a big word, but what’s crucial is the first step to start. Begin with the low-hanging fruit (e.g. instead of manual data entry, get customers to input the details themselves) and get your staff involved from Day 1. Once they begin to realise how easy it is, you will see a culture change and that’s when you go into bigger things.
  • Our supply chain needs to adapt to circumstances, and pressure will be on innovation. How do you better reach your customers and cater to their ever-changing needs? 

For those who have missed the session, you can access the video recordings here.

We are happy to feature more of our member companies who are open to share your digitalization journey or interest to collaborate with the rest of the industry! Do also reach out to Ivy ([email protected]) or Liana ([email protected]), if you are keen to find out more about SLA’s ongoing digitalization initiatives. 

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