Member's Spotlight - SG Sagawa Ameroid

Congratulations to SG Sagawa Ameroid for receiving the Certificate of Merit - Safest Logistics/Transport Company Award at LTA’s Annual Safety, Health & Environment Award Convention.
SG Sagawa Ameroid primarily engaged in the transport and warehousing operations. Safety is one of their top priorities and they’ve implemented technologies to support safe driving on the roads. 

One such technology is the Drivers Management System. A TNT Surveillance anti fatigue system is installed in each of their trucks, which incorporates Facial Recognition, Fatigue & Distraction Detection, Drivers’ Habits and Performance Monitoring and Collision Prevention to detect signs of driver fatigue while driving. Each truck is fitted with a mobile enhanced digital video recorder, anti-driver fatigue system, an indoor analogue camera and a front alert system. The driver is alerted through an alarm and a vibration on his seat if he is detected with a loss of focus. With the added installation of a science jet fleet management system, the system also provides monthly data reports of measured parameters for the company to assess and analyze a trending graph to aid them in improving on the driver’s safety.

Besides implementing technologies, SG Sagawa Ameroid makes it a point to remind all drivers on the importance of road safety through daily messages in their Whatsapp groups. Every quarter, a safety briefing will be conducted to update all drivers on the recent incidents, lessons learned and also feedback from their customers on road safety matters at their premises. 

In 2018 and 2019, their drivers received PSA’s Most Safety Conscious Driver Awards. 

SLA encourages member-companies to nominate deserving drivers for the PSA’s Most Safety Conscious Driver Awards. The guidelines for selection of nominees and submission can be found here.


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