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Project Showcase: Transporter Reverse Camera (Bronze Award)

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On 19 October 2020, the SLA team were led through a guided tour of the operations at SATS Limited. The team was impressed with a detailed presentation from the SATS Apron Services team for their Transporter Reverse Camera which tackled the congested working areas within the aircraft bays. There is also additional pressure for employees to complete uplift safely and efficiently. The SATS Apron Services team reviewed these operations in the tarmac and enlightened us on the journey they took to embark on this project to address a high severity risk, which is the potential collision of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) with other employees working in the area. 

While there are reverse backing alarms affixed to GSEs for object and personnel detection, the team noticed an opportunity to improve the working relationship between the GSE and operator. Through the installation of an LCD panel designed to work in all light conditions, the team developed a solution that allowed the operator greater visibility of his surroundings and improved confidence during complex maneuvering operations. The addition of reverse blinking lights and tower light panels also aid other users of the tarmac to understand the intent of GSEs and keep safe distances away.

Project Showcase: Hi-lift Truck Dock Bay Enhancement (Bronze Award)

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The tour was then led by the SATS Catering team who presented the four main features of the enhancements:

  • Repainting of ground markings, 
  • Luminous markings on the truck dock to facilitate alignment, 
  • Wheel humps for tactile feedback during reversing solar
  • Road studs to improve visibility during low light conditions. 

With a high frequency of parking bay dockings by SATS hi-lifts, the team explained how they focused on tackling the risks of workplace injuries and damages, especially with the increased movement of equipment together with environmental constraints such as space. 

It was a fruitful visit, with hopes that SATS will continue to strive for top most quality in safety and wellness of their employees as well as workplace environment. 

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