Members Spotlight – Congratulations!

SLA congratulates the following member companies for receiving the NS Advocate Awards at the Total Defence Awards 2020 Virtual Ceremony on 25 November 2020, graced by Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen:

Blue Water Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd 
GETS Asia Pte Ltd 
Logwin Air + Ocean Singapore Pte Ltd 
PAL Line Pte Ltd 
Shalom International Movers Pte Ltd 
SNL Logistics Pte Ltd 
Sin Hiap Hoe Transport Pte Limited 
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd

Let’s find out what motivates some of these companies to show their strong support towards National Service and Total Defence:

“At Blue Water Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd it is our duty to support NS and TD as we all as residents of this great country appreciate the safety and order that we sometimes take for granted.  The values that are taught, the lessons that are learnt are also of value to us as an employer.  Therefore, we cannot think of a possible reason why we should not play our part as a responsible and concerned employer.”
- Blue Water Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd

“As a Singapore company with strong local parentage, we have a duty to support the NS Men contributing to the safety of the nation.  This can give us a peace of mind to drive our business forward, especially when our core business is to facilitate global trade.” 
- Chong Kok Keong CEO, GeTS Asia Pte Ltd

“Singapore is our homeland – A place where we start our life journey. NS and TD are crucial to prepare our younger generation for new challenges and unforeseen adversities. The training instils great responsibilities and a sense of belonging for Singapore. Staff who undergo national service are steadfast and capable.  We will continue to pledge our full support.”
- Logwin Air + Ocean Singapore Pte Ltd

“At Pal Line, we strive to fully support our staff on their duty and service to fulfil their NS obligations. Every contribution plays a part to build a strong, secure and cohesive nation.”
- PAL Line Pte Ltd

“Supporting Singapore’s national defence and standing behind NSman employees is not just for show. As our Chief Operating Officer Gabriel Lam sees it: “Supporting our NSman employees makes us a more attractive employer. It’s also how we can keep Singapore’s economy safe and stable.” Shalom Movers has consistently sought ways to support Singapore’s military defence since it was founded in 1982, which include using their fleet to support the nation in times of crisis. Shalom Movers also strives to ensure NSmen can focus on their duties when they are called up for annual In-Camp training. They allow employees to take company vehicles to camps, ensuring transport will not be a concern. They have also implemented plans to cover redistributing any NSman’s duties to the rest of his team while he is away. This lets him commit fully to his NS training, instead of worrying about paperwork piling up. In addition, Shalom Movers has been supporting the MINDEF in National Day Parade Logistics for 8 consecutive years since 2013.”
- Shalom International Movers Pte Ltd

“As fellow Singaporeans, SNL Logistics is honoured to contribute and be part of our nation’s total defence efforts, contributing in any way that we can. We have learnt a lot from these exercises and everyone was really nice throughout this whole experience too. We hope to continue to be a part of this experience.”
- SNL Logistics Pte Ltd

To find out how your company can show support towards National Service and Total Defence through NS Mark, click here.

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