Drivers Recognized for Safe Driving Habits & Practices

Heartiest congratulates to all 9 winners who receive the PSA Safety Conscious Drivers Awards January 2021. The award recognizes drivers’ good safety and driving practices in Singapore roads and within PSA compounds.  As in previous years, each winner won himself a $200 voucher, sponsored by SLA together with Container Depot and Logistics Association (Singapore) and Singapore Transport Association.

Congratulations to the Safety Conscious Drivers Winners!

[SLA Member] Central Express Lines Pte Ltd - Seah Geok Hong 
[SLA Member] CWT Integrated Pte Ltd - Tan Chwee Chuan 
[SLA Member] NEK Logistics Pte Ltd -  Senthilnathan Prabakarn 
[SLA Member] SH Cogent Logistics Pte Ltd - Ning Kar Chong 
[SLA Member] UBTS Pte Ltd - Ahmad Sukor Bin Kasno 
Allied Container Services Pte Ltd - Selva De Roy
Supreme Container & Warehousing Pte Ltd - Rajendran Vijayan 
Thong Lee Container Services Pte Ltd - Chua Kok Seng 
Universal Transport Pte Ltd - Govindaraj Sakthivel 
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