National Day Message from SLA’s Council

Happy 56th birthday, Singapore!

“SLA has been around the past 48 years to support and sustain a vibrant and thriving logistics ecosystem for the nation. As Singapore celebrates its birthday today, let us be reminded to stay united and resilient, to grow our people with passion, and all work together to help Singapore be a world-class logistics community of tomorrow!” 

- Dave Ng, Chairman of SLA

As we celebrate the nation's birthday, SLA would like to take this opportunity to appreciate our member companies and council members for working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep things moving. We present the faces of SLA, individuals and companies who have been working behind the scenes to serve the Singapore’s logistics community. We are also grateful for our veteran logisticians for their pioneering spirit, who selflessly worked hard and smart to build our little red dot into a globally connected and world-class logistics hub today.

May we continue to progress as a nation filled with grace, harmony and vibrancy always!

Welcome new member(s) in September