Going Digital to Improve the Marine Industry’s Supply Chain Visibility

Griffin Kinetic's Digital Platform: D Griffin

“Maritime transport carries 90 percent of all merchandise trade, and as such any obstacle to the maritime logistical chains will affect all of us. Digitalisation has emerged a key enabler especially during this pandemic in bridging important gaps, enhancing productivity and building resilience in our supply chain management, and requires all-partners in the maritime ecosystem to play its part.

Change is uncomfortable, but at Griffin Kinetic, we are emboldened by the enhanced customer satisfaction and unparalleled value it brings,” said Mr Adil Ashroff, Chief Operating Officer of Griffin Kinetic Pte Ltd.


With over 35 years of track record in the global critical logistics industry, Griffin Kinetic, specialising in marine and offshore as well as pharmaceutical logistics, has over the years transformed their business and operations to stay ahead of competition and abreast of times. 

Deeply understanding the gaps of their customers’ respective sectors and with a clear focus on serving and supporting their needs, they saw the necessity to innovate to provide enhanced supply chain visibility as a natural progression in their pursuit to provide value-added customer services. Testament to the company’s resolve to remain relevant in this rapidly digitalised world, Griffin Kinetic embarked on developing a platform for the shipping sector in 2015, with an early mover advantage, to tackle key issues such as fragmentation, human errors due to manual operations, and a lack of timeliness for information sharing, that has plagued the industry for decades.

Stocklists in your pocket: 100% visibility at 0% cost for customers

Today, the platform, D Griffin, is able to help align and provide real-time visibility for the the maritime sector which comprises of multiple stakeholders such as shipping companies, vessel crew and the technical teams. Griffin Kinetic’s logistics experts wanted to create something to equalise that knowledge gap across the stakeholders, so that all key stakeholders can be on the same page, at the same time, with access to on-demand cargo update, whilst having an easy and convenient way to retrieve important documentations such as packing lists, certificates, images, on-demand, 24/7.

This application will position clients to be in touch with their purchase orders that are stored in Griffin’s warehouses, and they can initiate where the next shipment is to be arranged. With all the information customers require at their fingertips, D Griffin allows clients to stay up to date with their purchase orders that are stored at Griffin Kinetic’s warehouses, and they can initiate where the next shipment is to be arranged easily.

Griffin Kinetic’s efforts to go digital not only help raise productivity for their backend operations, but it also helped eliminate frustrations and costs that impacts their customers’ operations – a win-win innovation that we hope to see more of in Singapore’s logistics sector!

Inspired? View how this platform works by watching this video!


About Griffin Kinetic

With 35 years in the global critical logistics industry, we understand that no two critical shipments are handled in the same way. Whether it's an odd-sized, multi-tonne solar panel or ship spare, or a time critical cargo that requires special handling, our team of specialists is equipped to make every shipment a success. This has been our innermost passion to get the delivery done well so we assure our clients a peace of mind. Empowered by expertise acquired over the years of handling millions of shipments, standard operating procedures, and systems, Griffin Kinetic can move any genre of cargo to any country in any part of the world in record time.