Optimise your fleet through data driven insights with Shell Telematics

Fleet management is in the midst of a revolution thanks to telematics – the technology of sending, receiving and storing information to keep track of vehicles remotely. More fleets are recognising the potential of telematics-based safety solutions for reducing risks you may encounter on the road. Telematics delivers multiple benefits to fleets, including reduced operational costs, improved route management, fuel efficiency and customer service.

With up to 70% funding support, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) provided by Enterprise Singapore serves as an avenue for companies to make long-term technology investments. The grant is up to SGD 30,000. Choose the most suitable plan for your fleet with five Shell Telematics plans eligible for PSG. For more info on PSG, please visit the Enterprise Singapore link here.

Enabling fleet managers to monitor their vehicles and drivers like never before, while enhancing efficiency and safety, fleet management solutions can lead to significant financial savings.

How Shell Telematics can help you better manage your fleet 

1) Fuel card integration

Shell Telematics is the only solution in the market that combines fuel card and vehicle data in one portal through our unique integration with Shell Fleet Card. This means more help to control one of your highest operating costs.

2) Secure storage & analysis

We gather your transaction, vehicle and driver data and store it securely in the cloud (we are fully GDPR compliant), giving you complete visibility of your fleet’s current and historical activity.

3) Fleet Manager’s overview 

These reports allow you to quickly act on key information. For example, you can initiate driver coaching to improve driver safety and reduce accidents or find more efficient routes for your drivers. 

The benefits of a telematics-based fleet management solution are clear and it’s not hard to make a firm business case for the investment. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Efficiency - Track vehicles for better fleet planning    
  • Security - Increase financial control, tackle fraud and theft
  • Safety - Monitor driver performance and reduce accidents
  • Productivity - Work smarter with instant data and a paperless system
  • Convenience - Access data 24/7 with a user-friendly app or online portal
A globally trusted brand and widely recognized for quality and reliability, make Shell Telematics your choice to improve your fleet’s performance today. 

To find out more, visit shell.com.sg/telematics-CAN or contact Shell Telematics Specialist, Aaliyah Wong ([email protected]). 

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