Drive Carbon Neutral with Shell Fleet Solutions

Fleets today have the pressing need to reduce their carbon footprint as a responsible global citizen. In our drive for sustainability, Shell Fleet Solutions is committed to providing a range of options to support our customers and partners to avoid and reduce emissions, including EV charging, innovative fuels and lubricants and data analytics through telematics. Nevertheless, for unavoidable emissions, we offer the option for you to offset the CO2 emissions by purchasing nature-based carbon credits. We work with nature-based projects around the world that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving the livelihoods of local communities and preserving biodiversity and wildlife.

The high-quality carbon credits generated from these nature-based projects are independently verified to determine their carbon impact and their social and biodiversity benefits.

Good for the environment and good for your business

Besides helping to address your fleet’s environmental impact, CO2e compensation also has several clear business benefits:
1) Demonstrate corporate leadership
2) Appeal to your customers and employees
3) Meet your carbon emissions commitments
4) Create long-term sustainability value for your business

How does it work?

Driving carbon neutral is easy with Shell, simply by using the Shell Fleet Card for your fueling needs. Shell takes care of the rest, compensating your fleet’s unavoidable carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from a portfolio of carefully chosen nature-based projects that capture and store carbon from the atmosphere. Read more about Shell Carbon Compensation here.

- You opt-in to offset for carbon emissions for your fleet. Your drivers use the Shell Fleet Card to refuel at Shell service stations as usual. 'Tank-to-wheel' charges will be applied to your account.

- Shell tracks your fleet's overall fuel consumption and calculates the associated 'well-to-wheel' CO2 emissions

- Shell will purchase carbon credits equivalent to the amount of your fleet's carbon emissions to offset them through Shell's global portfolio of nature-based solutions projects

- Shell will issue an annual verified carbon reduction certificate confirming that the fuel has been offset

We believe that high-quality nature-based solutions are those that reduce or remove CO2 while also delivering benefits for communities and the natural environment.

A globally trusted brand and widely recognized for quality and reliability, make Shell your partner of choice on your fleet’s sustainability journey

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