A Preview of FIATA’s Paperless Bill of Lading Solution

A digital version of the FBL has been long awaited and this is now becoming a reality! FIATA’s eFBL project does not only include the release of the eFBL data model as an open-source standard but will also add a trust and security layer on top of the digital document.

Exclusively organised by FIATA, Komgo and SLA for SLA-FIATA members, a physical session was conducted on 27th April 2022 for SLA and FIATA members to check out FIATA’s latest digital version of FBL and its benefits. Besides having a first-hand preview of the new paperless bill of lading, participants also learnt out and why how and why TRAKK (one document tracking solution) is used by warehouses, inspectors and banks to secure their documents.

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