SLA Organises Webinar to Help Logistics Industry Manage Electricity Price

In recent months fuel and electricity costs have risen sharply and logistics companies are among those that took the immediate hit, especially for the transport and haulage businesses, as well as for those running cold chain operations. All these have escalated their operating costs and intensified business challenges. 

On the 29th April 2022, SLA specially organised a webinar titled ‘#SGLogistics Goes Green: Managing Electricity Price Hikes’ together with sustainability experts from Energy Market Authority, Building and Construction Authority and Entarctic, a tech company that specialises in reducing energy use and costs in cold storage facilities, to help logistics companies navigate their businesses through the current escalating fuel and electricity costs predicament, while helping them adopt green and sustainable practices at the same time.

65 participants joined us, and were able to gain insights and key takeaways on:

- How solar adoption can help logistics companies attain sustainability goals and save costs 

- How to save electricity cost for cold warehouses

- Government incentives to support the adoption of energy efficiency solutions

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