2022 FIATA General Meeting

2022 FIATA General Meeting was held virtually on 30 June 2022 with more than 100 online participants excluding the count for those behind the screens, there were many audience attended the annual FIATA GM. The FIATA President, Dr. Ivan Petrov opened the meeting and warmly welcomed all the delegates to the 2022 FIATA General Meeting. Reports from the Presidency on 2021 activities and financial matters were approved, including the adoption of the budget for 2023.

The GM welcomed the two new Association members: the Freight Forwarding Association of Azerbaijan (FFAA), a country which has become a very strategic eastern logistics corridor actor, celebrating one year of existence, and the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), representing 55 freight forwarders – bringing the total number of Association members to 113.

Keynote from President, Dr Ivan Petro "We had a very positive digital General Meeting, as many of our member associations from all over the world (approximately 70 countries) were able to attend and vote on the presidency's proposals, confirming the excellent work done in 2021." 

Keynote from Director General Dr Stéphane Graber "The last year was a challenging year for freight forwarding, but we achieved a lot for FIATA members to facilitate trade, especially on the maritime crisis front. The concrete results can be seen in the position paper published yesterday on this issue, as well as in the launch of the FIATA electronic Bill of Lading earlier this year." 

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