Unlocking the benefits of RCEP for the Logistics Sector

On 2nd August 2022, SBF, MTI and SLA jointly organised a webinar titled “Unlocking the benefits of RCEP for the Logistics Sector”, to help logistics businesses to gain insights on how their businesses can benefit from RCEP Agreement.

The event was attended by  150 participants, out of which 42 were SLA members. RCEP is the largest free trade agreement between the 10 members of ASEAN and 5 FTA partners. The agreement provides economical and trade cooperation between the member states. The panel of speakers were:

  • Mr Oh Bee Lock, CEO, Singapore Logistics Association
  • Ms Ivy Heng, Assistant Director, International Policy Engagement, Singapore Business Federation
  • Mr David Stepat, Senior Manager, International Business Advisory, Dezan Shira & Associates
  • Mr Raymond Yee, Vice President, Customs & Regulatory Affairs, DHL Express
  • Mr Mike Yap, Vice President, Trade Compliance (Business), CrimsonLogic 

Participants were given insights on the following topics:

  • Sharing the benefits of RCEP for logistics sector
  • Trade in goods includes sharing of the rules and origin  and tariff finder with demonstration 
  • Understanding the operational certification procedures and customs procedures and trade facilitation 
  • Trade in Services includes opportunities to expand logistics/distribution services into the RCEP region and understanding the requirements
  • Sharing on improving global  trade connectivity 

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