2022 FIATA World Congress: Uniting for Global Solutions

The 59th FIATA World Congress 2022 was held in Busan, the Republic of Korea, from 11-16 September 2022. This event was postponed since 2020 due to COVID and marked the first time in 2 years that a physical meeting was held for FIATA members.  

The theme for the 2022 FWC was “Uniting for Global Solutions” and attended by FIATA members worldwide. In this chapter, FIATA has made the most significant achievement of its history with the roll-out of the paperless FIATA Bill of Lading. The FWC featured presentations from Young Logistics Professionals (YLP) regional award winners as well panel discussions on:

  • New Generations at Work: Attracting, Recruiting, Training, and Retaining 

  • Challenges in a New Maritime World

  • Digital Supply Chain: Opportunities and Challenges for Business

  • Return of Geo-Politics in Trade: Impact on Logistics Sector

    The 2023 FWC will be held in Brussels, Belgium.

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