Supply Chain Challenge (SCC++) Open House cum GRT Learning Journey

About 200 students from the 5 local polytechnics and ITE attended the Open House from 02 to 08 May 2023. The Open House sessions were hosted by the following 5 mentor companies after the successful launch of the SCC++ 2023 on 27 April 2023. They are CK Shipping (S) Pte Ltd, CWT Integrated Pte Ltd, Ebenezer Logistics Pte Ltd, Lim Siang Huat Pte Ltd and SFS Global Logistics Pte Ltd.

The Open House was also part of the Global Ready Talent (GRT) Learning Journey to allow the students – the potential interns to understand the company profile and businesses. They gained on-site logistics operations that was ongoing during their visits. With better understanding of the companies’ operations and core businesses as well as their respective business case, the students are in better position to pitch their solutions to the companies’ challenges.

A total of 50 teams registered and submitted their proposals to the 5 Business Cases with the theme on “Gaining the Competitive Edge through Green Supply Chain Management”. Here are the Business Cases:

  • CK Shipping (S) Pte Ltd - Reducing Carbon Emissions in Last-Mile-Delivery Optimisation & Green Supply Chain Prepositions
  • CWT Integrated Pte Ltd - Improve Day-to-Day Road Transportation Operational Efficiency
  • Ebenezer Logistics Pte Ltd - Expansion and Optimisation of Logistics Services
  • Lim Siang Huat Pte Ltd - Optimizing Warehousing and Transport in Food Logistics
  • SFS Global Logistics Pte Ltd - Control Tower Supply Chain Visibility

After a week of evaluation of the 50 proposals by a panel of judges from both SLA and SUSS, 15 semi-finalist teams were finally selected based on their research, solutions, executive summary and presentation decks. Congratulations to the following 15 Semi-Finalist Teams which will be presenting to the respective mentor-companies at their office premise between 26 May to 02 June 2023. The 5 Finalist Teams will be announced on 05 June 2023.

Congratulations to the following 15 Semi-Finalist Teams!

Mentor Company : CK Shipping (S) Pte Ltd

  1. Team 31 The Super Trio / ITE
  2. Team 37 YBS / RP
  3. Team 52 Supply Chain Samurai / ITE


Mentor Company : CWT Integrated Pte Ltd

  1. Team 11 The Jr Sailor Scouts / Nanyang Poly
  2. Team 44 The Average Links / Nanyang Poly
  3. Team 47 The Four of Us / Nanyang Poly

Mentor Company : Ebenezer Logistics Pte Ltd

  1. Team 09 Lost in Transit / SP
  2. Team 12 Sustainify / Nanyang Poly
  3. Team 20 3G / Nanyang Poly 

Mentor Company : Lim Siang Huat Pte Ltd

  1. Team 16 Fast N Furious / Nanyang Poly
  2. Team 17 Kebab / Nanyang Poly
  3. Team 53 LSH888 / Nanyang Poly

Mentor Company : SFS Global Logistics

  1. Team 27 Inventory Innovators / ITE
  2. Team 35 Team ArcticZ / RP
  3. Team 51 N.E.R.D / Nanyang Poly

Meanwhile, logistics companies looking to nurturing young logistics talents, can onboard the Global Ready Talent programme. The latter is a good platform to make your companies visible amongst the ready pool of interns from ITE, Polytechnics and the Universities. Furthermore, your company can receive up to 70% funding support if you join the programme!

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