Enabling Business Hubs (EBHs)

SG Enable will be setting up Enabling Business Hubs (EBHs) to bring customised training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities closer to their homes. The first EBH will be launched in October 2023 in Jurong and is located beside Lakeside MRT station. 

The EBHs are also Centres of Excellence for employers, acting as one-stop hubs for industry-specific training and employment facilitation. EBH@Jurong will focus on the logistics industry, with a simulated e-commerce and logistics fulfilment environment to train persons with disabilities and support employers in the logistics industry to implement inclusive practices at their own workplaces. SLA members can also benefit from consultancy services provided by the on-site Employment Support Team, as well as information on grants and employment support services. 

Learning journeys at EBH@Jurong are open to all SLA members to learn about inclusive training and hiring practices in the logistics industry.  For more information on the EBH learning journeys or enquiries regarding inclusive hiring, please email us at [email protected].  

Welcome new member(s) in September