Enabling Business Hubs (EBHs)

Developed by SG Enable, Enabling Business Hubs (EBHs) have Centres for Inclusive Employment for employers which act as one-stop hubs for industry-specific training and employment facilitation for persons with disabilities. EBHs also bring training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities closer to their homes. They support persons with disabilities through customised job support and a structured work environment with inclusive practices.  

Employers can participate in learning journeys at the hub to better understand how job redesign and adoption of technology can occur in a real-world setting to facilitate the employment of persons with disabilities and implement these at their workplaces. 

The first EBH – EBH@Jurong – has been set up and is located next to Lakeside MRT. EBH@Jurong aims to bring training and employment opportunities closer to the homes of persons with disabilities living in the West, including those with higher work support needs. EBH@Jurong has a Centre for Inclusive Employment in the Logistics sector to onboard more inclusive employers and create job opportunities for persons with disabilities in the sector.

For more information on the EBH learning journeys or other enquiries regarding inclusive hiring, please email SG Enable at [email protected].   

Note: Article updated on 14 Dec 2023. 

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