Empowering the Workforce and Embracing Innovation

Nestled at the crossroads of international trade, Singapore's port handles millions of containers each year, cementing its status as a vital hub in the global logistics network. Among the key players facilitating this flow of goods is Call Lade Enterprises Pte Ltd which provides labour contracting services and container handling services. Their role is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of one of the world's busiest ports. Tan Dengqi, Director of Call Lade Enterprises, sheds light on their initiatives aimed at shaping Singapore's logistics landscape.

In actively recruiting and training workers for crucial port-handling positions, Call Lade Enterprises ensures a skilled workforce capable of managing diverse tasks within the port terminals. From Prime Mover Drivers to Lashing Specialists, Reefer Technicians and Inter Gateway Haulier Drivers, the company readies individuals for the demanding roles inherent in port operations.

From Learning to Leading

Dengqi has been an integral part of the industry for 17 years. His initial years were dedicated to learning the intricacies of the trade and understanding the port operations. The realization that the industry was far from a sunset industry motivated Dengqi to embark on a journey of growth and knowledge. 

Despite having a degree in Economics, Dengqi recognized the need for specialized logistics training. Through further training, Dengqi equipped himself with the skills necessary to navigate the complex world of logistics. Combining his life experiences with academic insights, Dengqi discovered the immense scope and constant evolution of the industry, which presented him with ever-changing challenges. It became evident to Dengqi that solving intricate logistical issues was not just a job – It was a key contribution to the success of each shipment.

Cultivating Young Talent for a Green Future 

The commitment to learning and self-improvement forms the core of Call Lade Enterprises' ethos, exemplified in their adeptness at attracting and cultivating young talent. With drivers comprising nearly half of their 800 employees, and predominantly under 40 years old, the company fully understands the significance of offering growth opportunities and career advancement avenues. Remarkably, their youngest team member is merely 20 years old which underscores the company's commitment to cultivate and empower the next generation of professionals.

A distinctive aspect of Call Lade Enterprise's approach is their commitment to hire and train potential drivers who may not possess a driving license. Call Lade Enterprises takes a systematic approach to groom individuals, aiding them in acquiring driving licenses and upgrading their vehicles. By investing in their employees' personal and professional development, Call Lade Enterprises not only motivates their workforce but also attracts young talent to join the thriving logistics sector.

This dedication to talent development aligns seamlessly with Call Lade Enterprises’ broader vision for sustainability and environmental consciousness. He shared, “Call Lade Enterprises actively supports the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). As EV technology becomes more prevalent, we envision a future where we can harness the benefits of electric trucks and we invest in the specialized training necessary for our employees to adapt to the unique requirements of operating EVs.” 

With more than 10% of their fleet comprising EVs, including vans, buses and cars, Call Lade Enterprises exemplifies their commitment to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. The transition to EVs also brings benefits for their drivers. EVs provide a more enjoyable and comfortable driving experience with their quiet operation. By embracing EVs, it allows their drivers to experience the advancements and advantages of modern technology.

Upskilling for Success

Call Lade Enterprises’ dedication to upskill their drivers such as encouraging drivers to acquire vehicle licenses of higher tonnage, also leads to higher incomes for their workforce. This journey towards self-improvement also cultivates a sense of motivation and fulfilment among the workforces. “By providing opportunities for continuous learning and development, Call Lade Enterprises empowers our drivers to take control of their careers and strive for excellence,” said Dengqi.

Fostering a Supportive Work Environment

Dengqi emphasized the importance of fostering a supportive work environment. He stated, "At Call Lade Enterprises, we believe in taking a holistic approach to retain and engage our workforce, ensuring their well-being and job satisfaction. Round-the-clock supervisors and a dedicated HR team actively support the drivers, addressing their concerns and encouraging them to share ideas for improvement. By creating a collaborative and inclusive work environment, we foster camaraderie and a shared sense of purpose among our drivers and management.”

To foster friendship among the drivers, Call Lade Enterprises organizes regular lunches and recognition programs, acknowledging exceptional performance and providing incentives for outstanding work. This personalized approach builds a strong foundation of trust and rapport, enabling effective communication and a shared sense of purpose among the drivers and management.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Call Lade Enterprises values the strength that diversity and inclusion bring to their team, welcoming individuals from all walks of life to join their workforce. They welcome individuals with the right attitude and provide them with comprehensive training and growth opportunities. This commitment extends to their support and inclusion of drivers and individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone feels valued and included within the company. 

With a total of 11 female drivers, Call Lade Enterprises demonstrates their dedication to create a sense of belonging, which in turn nurtures a workforce of highly dedicated individuals who consistently excel in their work. This commitment to inclusivity is a testament to their belief that success thrives in an inclusive environment.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

Call Lade Enterprises’ commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and the well-being of their employees is a model for other companies. The logistics industry, with its ever-evolving nature, poses numerous challenges. By embracing change, nurturing young talent and fostering a supportive work environment, companies can pave the way for growth, innovation and success.

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