Roundtable with Hamburg's Logistics Leaders

On the afternoon of 18 April 2024, SLA engaged in a discussion with the logistics leaders of Hamburg, including the Honorary Hamburg Ambassador and representatives from the Ministry of Economy & Innovation Hamburg, Hamburg Invest, Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg and HHLA Next.

This meeting was organised with the objective of exploring potential collaboration pathways between SLA, logistics enterprises and LogTech companies in the city of Hamburg. The discussions were not only productive but also infused with enthusiasm about the numerous possibilities for mutual growth and innovation in our logistics and supply chain ecosystems.

We are exhilarated by the prospective partnerships and are fully committed to nurture this relationship. Our aim is to foster a robust future for our logistics communities that thrive on innovation, efficiency and shared success.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to the SLA Council members and members who participated in this discussion. 

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