No Crying Over Spilt Yoghurt

When Mr Ng realized that the container full of yoghurt he had been contracted to ship from Switzerland to Singapore in the summer of 2019 had been stored incorrectly, he was sure his public liability cover was enough to ensure peace of mind, and that no expensive holes would be burnt in his pocket.

An easily-made documentation error, stating that the temperature for this dairy load should be +10 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of the correct +10 degrees Celsius meant a disaster – and a delivery of frozen yoghurt. Delicious in the right circumstances, but not what the client was expecting from this particular delivery. Mr Ng was shocked to learn that his lack of cover meant a bill of over $100,000 and a very unhappy Swiss client, who was looking to blame a sloppy workforce and find a new logistics provider.

The Multimodal Freight Liability policy from Honan and Chubb would have saved Mr Ng’s embarrassment and also protected his business relationship. Under the errors and omissions section of the policy, Mr Ng (and his employees) are covered for any kind of accidental negligence leading to problems with cargo. Even down to the simplest of typing errors.

With comprehensive cover ranging from (but not limited to):
- third party liability such as accidental injury to persons or property;
- customs liability, for alleged or proven import/export violations;
- special cargo extensions for errors and omissions to paperwork such as the one highlighted above,

The Multimodal Freight Liability policy can prevent the simplest of errors and leading to a costly nightmare.

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