TLA Graduation – Heartiest Congratulations!

In view of the COVID-19 social distancing measures, the Logistics Academy is not able to organise the usual celebrative Graduation Ceremony. However, it does not thwart our plan to congratulate all well-deserving graduates of the Diploma in International Freight Management, Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management and Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management for their perseverance to pursue excellence in learning!

Voices of Best Achievers Awards Winners:

Ng Lee Cheng, Win Win Shipping Pte Ltd
Diploma in International Freight Management (Jun 2019 Intake)
“This course has benefited me in many ways in terms of knowledge learnt and tips to overcome day-to-day heavy workload and challenges. I gained better understanding about Incoterms and shipping documents used in International Trade. Now, I am more confident to share my knowledge, ideas and insights with my customers.”

Chee Soo Fan, TPSC Asia Pte Ltd
Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management (Mar 2019 Intake)
“I decided to take up TLA’s part-time Diploma in integrated Logistics in Management as I wanted to upskill myself. I also wanted to challenge myself by learning and applying new knowledge. The experience was not easy for me at first as I felt like I was going back to school after so many years. Thankfully, the assignments given and learning materials were helpful. The lessons too were very well organised and the lecturers are passionate in giving their best to the class.”

Ng Wai Kean
Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management (Apr 2019 Intake)
“TLA’s lecturers are very patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. These are the requisites any student will look for before signing up for a course. With their unique style of teaching and good communicating skills, they help us understand the lessons more clearly. Through engagements with the students, the lessons were delivered and interactively and fun too. I find the Advanced Diploma course to be highly enriching. The knowledge and skillsets that I have learnt, allow me to apply at work and improve in time management. This has greatly helped increase productivity in the Company.”

Special thanks to the following company and TLA lecturers who generously sponsored the TLA Best Achiever Awards and Book Prizes:

TLA Best Achiever Awards:
- Mr Peter Chua, TLA Lecturer
- Dr Ong Geok Quee, TLA Lecturer
- Mr Tan Eng Soon, TLA Lecturer

TLA Book Prizes:
- Legend Logistics Ltd
- Mr Daniel Chew, TLA Lecturer
- Mr Tan Hock Chuan, TLA Lecturer
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