SLA Weighs Benefits and Challenges of Safe Driving Technologies

While technological progress has been swift and promising in recent years, driverless lorries and container trucks on public roads may be a distant future away. For now, the logistics industry can still leverage smart driving technologies to keep their transportation teams safe and productive. 

Mr Chan Hsien Hung, Deputy Honorary Secretary of SLA gave insights on the benefits and operational challenges for logistics businesses to adopt such driving aids in his interview with Channel News Asia on 8th August 2021. Watch on to find out more:

If you’re interested in exploring safe and smart driving technologies for your fleet of vehicles, here are some options available.

Shell Fleet Solutions

Harness digital solutions and make data work harder for your logistics business today with Shell Telematics. We can help you monitor fleet performances effectively and improve driver safety through a single platform that integrates your data, decreases administration time and costs, and readily makes your insights available at your fingertips. You can also track driving behaviour metrics and monitor a safety scorecard to engage your drivers to improve their driving skills. Tap on the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) which subsidises up to 80% of your cost for Shell Telematics for your fleet today. To find out more, visit or contact Aaliyah Wong at [email protected].

Solo Pte Ltd

Work with Solo as your solution partner to leverage on the latest technology to digitalise your processes and optimize your fleet towards better safety and greater productivity. Solo provides a wide range of telematic and mobile surveillance systems to meet your specific needs e.g., enhancing situational awareness, improving driving safety through active monitoring of vehicle health and driver behaviours. Solutions include pre-approved Fleet Management System Solution for PSG by ESG or others like driver behaviour monitoring, forward collision warning, 360° 3D Surround View Camera System etc. For members who are interested to find out more, please contact us at [email protected].


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