SLA’s Council Member Re-elected into FIATA’s New Board

The FIATA General Meeting was held virtually on 18 Nov 2021. Aside from the annual wrap up of FIATA activities, elections were also held for the members of the Presidency, members of the Extended Board and confirmation of Chairpersons of FIATA bodies. Mr Thomas Sim, SLA’s representative to FIATA did Singapore proud when he was returned as Senior Vice President in the FIATA Presidency.

Dr Ivan Petrov (NSBS, Bulgaria), who has served in the FIATA Presidency since 2015, was elected the new FIATA President, and will be instrumental to continue driving forward FIATA's evolution. 

Serving with him in the Presidency are the elected Senior Vice-Presidents that includes Mr Turgut Erkeskin (UTIKAD, Turkey), Mr Jens Roemer (FB, Belgium), and Mr Thomas Sim (SLA, Singapore), as well as the new Secretary General Mr Robert Keen (BIFA, UK), and the new Treasurer Mr Galo Molina (ASEACI, Ecuador).

For more details, the press release of the general meeting can be read here.

Welcome new member(s) in January