Supply Chain Challenge (SCC++) 2023 Launch

The theme of this year’s Challenge is Gaining the Competitive Edge through Green Supply Chain Management.” For a world emerging out of Covid, and facing disruptions due to geopolitical and other factors, supply chain management has become a very complex matter. The old emphasis on simply lowering costs, improving service quality and delivery, and implementing agile supply chain management may no longer be sufficient for logistics companies. There is the added urgency of environmental concerns, which affects logistics in a variety of important ways, including fuel costs, materials, carbon accounting, and others. 

As sustainability becomes a major concern for the whole world, Green Supply Chain Management or GSCM becomes increasingly important. GSCM is a strategic approach that involves incorporating environmental concerns into the conventional supply chain management process. Besides achieving cost savings by efficiently utilising resources, minimising risks, and reducing waste, GSCM enables companies to gain a competitive edge by aligning with the increasing need for sustainability and working with clients to help them meet their ESG targets. 

Logistics companies that utilise GSCM thus become more competitive, more attractive options.  This is especially true, given the high-profile criticism that some large corporations have recently faced for their supply chain practices.” said Professor Robbie Goh, Provost of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) in his welcome speech at the SCC++ 2023 Virtual Launch held on 27 April 2023.


More than 150 guests from logistics industry, academia and students from five polytechnics and ITE were present at the virtual platform to witness the annual event in bringing the young talents with  industry mentor companies.

The guests and students present were briefed by Mr Tan Eng Soon – SCC++ LEAD Co-ordinator on the Theme, Rules and Regulations of the SCC++ while Associate Professor Tan Yan Weng Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme, School of Business, SUSS shared the Conditional Offer from the university.


The highlight of the event was the presentation of the business case by the mentor companies which were presented respectively by :

·      Ms Cathy Liu, IoT Systems Analyst from CK Shipping (S) Pte Ltd

·      Mr Chai Seng Hoong, General Manager, Transport Services Division from CWT Integrated Pte Ltd

·      Mr Lawrence Kim, CEO from Ebenezer Logistics Pte Ltd

·      Mr Muhammad Hafazli, Assistant Transport Manager from Lim Siang Huat Pte Ltd

·       Mr Roger Chew, Founder from SFS Global Logistics Pte Ltd

The interesting theme and the 5 business cases generated many questions from the students ranging from how logistics career is rewarding, demands of the 5-week mentorship to specific questions of the business cases including the current use of software to streamline order fulfilment process, use of Electric Vehicle, design of an algorithm logic, scope of control tower.


With five interesting business cases presented to them, the students are now faced with tough decisions which business cases to select for their participation in the competition. The race will stretch all the way to 26 July 2023 when the SCC++ Finals will be held on-site at the campus of SUSS. Look out for more details as we announce on the Qualifying Teams and Finalist Teams !


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