Cultivating Excellence in Logistics

Building Leaders and an Inclusive Society

Shalom Movers, founded as a humble business to meet the basic needs of its founder, started as a one-man operation with just one van. Their primary tasks included selling household goods and occasionally assisting with furniture moves. However, as the years passed, Shalom Movers faced the challenge of navigating a changing landscape in the logistics industry.

A Commitment to Cultivate Excellence

In the 1990s, the logistics industry lacked the advanced technologies and structured career paths that we see today. Manual labour workers, often paid on a daily-rated basis, formed the core of Shalom's workforce. This was due to the unpredictable nature of business contracts and the relatively low skill levels required for the job. High staff turnover and increased difficulty in recruiting new employees became significant hurdles for Shalom Movers.

Excellence, as Shalom Movers demonstrates, is not just about achieving operational efficiency or technological advancements. It's about nurturing a culture where every individual within the organization is equipped with the skills and confidence to reach their full potential. 

Recognizing the need for change, Shalom Movers made a commitment to invest in the professional and career development of its workforce. To achieve this, the company developed specialized training programs tailored to individual job roles. They also introduced the concept of design thinking to empower their workers to analyze problems and generate effective solutions.

Making Training a Cornerstone

In a landscape where formal training programs for movers were scarce, Shalom Movers took the initiative to adapt and implement training curriculums from other countries. This investment in training was not just about enhancing skills; it was about creating social mobility, allowing individuals to move up in society through professional development. Muhammad Hedeer, Chief Operations Field Manager, emphasized the importance of training, "In recent years, there are more national initiatives and efforts to train logistics workers and anchor Singapore as a leading logistics hub. This helped to empower and expand employees' skill sets to stay ahead of the competition."

Shalom Movers even co-created an accredited curriculum in collaboration with the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Institute for Adult Learning and the Institute for Technical Education.

Logisticians as Community Builders through CSR Activities

Beyond their core operations, logisticians like Shalom Movers care deeply about their communities. They are actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, underlining their commitment to building an inclusive society. This highlights the role of logistics in not just moving goods but also fostering positive social impact.

Technology as an Enabler of Excellence

Long before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shalom Movers recognized the value of investing in process improvements and digitalization. They streamlined their operations, improving efficiency and strengthening their workforce. When the pandemic hit, Shalom Movers leveraged its digital advantages to respond swiftly to government safety measures.

Gideon Lam, Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the role of technology, stating, "Today, business is just an internet away." To support their transformation, Shalom Movers developed Dove Eye, a proprietary system that manages processes, tracks financial performance, monitors customer journeys and provides live delivery status updates. Moreover, technology plays a crucial role in ensuring employee safety. Innovative solutions, such as a program to detect driver fatigue and 'Kinetic Coach' safety training, enhance workers' well-being.

Expanding Horizons 

Shalom Movers expanded its customer support operations overseas through digital transformation. Joy Saludes, Regional Admin Manager (Asia), manages various callers and warehouse managers, connecting Singapore to a call center in the Philippines. This expansion reflects their commitment to growth and innovation.

Debunking Myths: Beyond Manual Labour

Shalom Movers' continuous transformation challenges the perception that logistics is limited to hard, manual labour jobs with no work-life balance. Many staff members have found fulfilment and security in the industry, with some even bringing their family members into the fold. 

Lewis Tan, Business Relationship Manager, highlighted the diversity within the industry, saying, "In our industry, it is perceived to be male-dominated, but many female colleagues helm different leadership roles like Joy. While we work in our individual capacities, we also fulfil a larger purpose during our work." 

Jackson Wong, Strategic Partnership Manager, began his career with Shalom Movers and went on to serve notable organizations. He shared, "I knew nothing when I joined, but I learnt the ropes from Gideon, starting from the ground up. The willingness to learn and positive attitude are important." 

Ong KS, Division Sales Manager, changed his perspective on the logistics industry after contracting Shalom Movers, eventually joining the company. "Far from just being about moving and transportation, I realised that the industry is more than just manual labour. The coordination and strategy behind each move are calculated precisely," he said.

The Future of LogTech

Looking ahead, Shalom Movers envisions a future where they transcend traditional logistics and become a leading LogTech company. They believe that logistics underpins almost every sector, from sports and entertainment to the military and corporate services. Technology will play a pivotal role in enabling Shalom Movers to support a wide range of industries.

The Importance of Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial in the logistics industry. Ong believes that self-motivation and a continuous learning mindset are essential for success. Every day is a learning journey, and every challenge presents an opportunity for growth. Echoing Ong's thoughts, Gideon added, "We are more than a mover. There's so much potential for us to keep growing!" 

Despite their shift toward becoming a LogTech company, Shalom Movers recognizes the enduring importance of human resources. While digitalization can streamline many processes, roles like consultancy and customer service still require the human touch to connect with customers.

A Vision for Growth

In the words of Gideon Lam, "Whatever you set your sights on, you can achieve more." The logistics industry orchestrates every move in every economy and thrives with dynamic individuals seeking unlimited growth. Shalom Movers is committed to advance alongside society and technology, shaping a brighter future for the logistics industry.

Shalom Movers' inspiring journey reminds us that the logistics industry is more than meets the eye – It's a dynamic field filled with opportunities, innovation and the power to transform lives.

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